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What is the difference between each guitar package?

The difference between the full package and mic p. a package is the number of accessories they provide. The full package provides 11 accessories adding 4 more (a leather strap, a strap lock, a clear head cap, and a portable battery charging adapter) to the mic p.a. package.
The basic package provides the same number of accessories as the mic p.a. package but the guitar body does not include the mic p.a function.

Is the wooden model fully made from wood?

For wooden models, the audio box is made with ABS, and its frames will be made from actual wood. (Bentwood walnut/metallic)

How can the Mogabi guitar produce its sounds without a resonating box?

Mogabi creates its sounds through a piezo pickup and Bluetooth speakers installed with the guitar's vibration frequencies. So, Mogabi would be able to produce tunes with more robust and more apparent howls.

Can I save external music to memory?

There are approximately 400 sound sources stored in the 32GB memory, and they are saved as high-capacity .wav files with the original sound quality. Only .wav files are supported, and you can convert them and move them by connecting them with a C-Type cable. However, you can save them much more conveniently by pairing them in mix mode and recording them right away.

Use one of the two methods below according to your situation.

1. Confirm pairing with your computer or mobile phone in mix mode, press the record button, and start playback on the external device to easily save it to your guitar.

2. You can copy sound sources saved in the format below from an external device.

File name: M00.WAV (English letter M and 2 Arabic numerals. Save in WAV format)

WAV file format: 48kbps / 16bit / stereo

If it is not in this format, it may be copied but not recognized in the memory. This may cause an error in the recording when the sound source is pushed aside during multi-recording. In this case, please format the entire memory.
※ Formatting memory

• With the power turned off, press the power knob (1) while simultaneously pressing the mode knob (2) and selection knob (3).

• The memory is formatted. The display will say Formatting.

• Stored data will be erased, so save frequently used music files separately.

White noise comes out of the speaker regardless of the volume!

- Mogabi Guitar uses audio signals amplified by amplifier output rather than a sound box. Therefore, when power is supplied to the amplifier, the current is supplied to the internal circuit elements regardless of the presence or absence of the volume, and at this time, the electrical signal supplied to the circuit elements is amplified and white noise is generated. This is a common symptom that occurs in most amplifiers and is generally not noticeable because the distance between the speaker and the listener is above a certain level, but in the case of the Mogabi guitar, even small sounds are felt loud due to the ultra-close speaker, while white noise is also present. Some vulnerabilities are easily felt. Because the speaker replaces the sound box of a regular guitar, it may sound like a noise that is unfamiliar to those who have used regular acoustic guitars and may be somewhat annoying. When not playing, press knob 1 on the Mogabi guitar to switch to sleep mode and eliminate white noise.

Sleep Mode

Lightly click the power button (Button 1) once to switch to sleep mode. Usually, when the guitar is laid down on a hard floor that is not dustproof, the low-pitched frequencies generated by the speaker are boosted and go through the piezo pickup, causing howling. In this case, you can eliminate the howling by pressing the sleep button.

- In addition, when you want to connect to an amplifier during a performance to make a comment or take a break while practicing guitar, the sleep system is set to prevent the inconvenience of having to set the volume again because it boots to the default volume value when you turn the power off and on. You can use the button.

- To cancel sleep mode, you can simply switch to another mode by lightly clicking the sleep button again.

Memory Format and Reset

- To format the memory, press the power knob (1) while pressing the mode knob (2) and selection knob (3) at the same time while the power is turned off, and the formatting message will appear on the display, and initialization will proceed. Since sound sources stored in memory will be deleted, copy the necessary sound sources to another storage device in advance using a C-Type cable.

- Reset is used in situations different from memory formatting. If the power does not turn off or the knob does not work, press the small hole (Reset) next to the C-Type terminal with a pin, etc. to force shutdown and reset.

Why is there a price difference between the black model and the wood model?

The wood model consists of an audio box made of wood-like ABS material and a rest frame made of real wood. The audio box was treated with a special coating to express the wood texture, and the manufacturing cost increased due to the wood processing of the rest frame. The difference is only in appearance, but all functions are the same as the black model.

Are the frets the same length as a regular guitar?

- The field size of the Mogabi guitar MSG580-100/200 model is 580mm. The average scale of a general acoustic guitar is 630mm (approximately 25 inches), but the Mogabee guitar MSG580-100 model was produced in a slightly smaller size to make it easy to carry for travel, and 580mm, which is 2/3 the size, was adopted. You can think of it as being about as short as the 1st fret.

What is the best temperature and humidity for storage?

The most optimal temperature is a temperature that is comfortable for people and is also good for the instrument. It is recommended that the optimal humidity for wooden instruments be maintained at 50%. Because the Mogabee guitar is a solid body type guitar, it is not as sensitive to humidity as an acoustic guitar. However, because the neck may cause an upbow phenomenon when humidity increases, you can use the included truss rod to adjust the neck relief.

Precautions when adjusting the 200M line-in input volume

When not connecting a microphone or other instrument to the line-in, turn the line-in volume and EQ level counterclockwise to maintain level 0.

After connecting the external device line-in, turn it back up to adjust the volume balance.

If you connect an external device via line-in while maintaining high volume, a defect that can be fatal to the life of the speaker may occur.

preamp mogabi guitar

The hinge is loose and the frame is not completely fixed?!

There are 3 reasons why the hinge is loose:

1: Howling feedback

A piezo pickup is mounted below the guitar's lower string. The system acts as a microphone (input), and the audio box acts as a speaker (output). When the hinge fixture is completely locked, the vibration frequency of the piezo pickup passes to the speaker, causing howling feedback. So, Mogabi Guitar used a loose system because howling should be reduced by minimizing the vibration of the speaker passing to Ha Hyeon-joo. Generally, when unfolded, there is a gap between the hinges of about 5mm to 10mm, which is normal. It is a method of compensating for the gap by combining the rest frame and can be used by completely fixing it.

2: Minimization of acoustic loss

I believe that the strength of the instrument is its tone and sound, and Mogavi did not compromise on these aspects to ensure good sound. When the hinge or frame is fitted just right, the howling transfer rate is high, so the sound is minimized or the howling is generally removed with a program. In this process, if a software program forcibly reduces the sound, some of the sound has no choice but to be cut and output, which is a good sound. cannot be paid. Therefore, Mogabi guitars control howling with hardware as much as possible, and all guitar connections are installed slightly loosely. There is a big difference in sound and sound quality, and with several thousand people currently using it, the level of satisfaction with the sound is very high.

3: Difficulty of detachment

If the hinge or frame is made to fit tightly, it is difficult for users to use it because it is difficult to attach or detach the device or lock it. This part was confirmed after receiving feedback from buyers while selling more than 2,000 units. In the early version, the hinge and rest frame fit tightly, so users said it was too difficult to attach and detach, such as minor scratches or damage, so it was optimized as it is now.

4: Beware of damage

We recommend that you always check the locking status of the hinge before use. There are often cases where the hinge is damaged when someone other than the user is using the guitar and does not unlock the hinge. This will be processed at a cost, so please make your friends and acquaintances aware of this.

Which microphone should I use?

To use the microphone function of the Mogabee 200M model, you must connect a 3.5 jack.

When you open the cover with the Mogabi product label, there is a line-in and microphone toggle switch on the right. Make sure the switch is switched to MIC. (Some condenser microphones are often recognized as line-in.)

Condenser (omnidirectional) microphones are not recommended because they also pick up ambient noise.

We recommend using a dynamic (directional) microphone if possible.

In the case of wireless transmitting and receiving microphones, latency may occur.

mogabi electric
The polarity of the Mogabi 3.5 gender is as shown below (left).

Among the 3-pole and 4-pole polarities, the four types on the right do not work on Mogaby guitars.

Please contact the microphone manufacturer by referring to the picture below before purchasing.
3.5 line jack
3.5 line jack

What is height of strings?

Acoustic strings: D'Addario EXP16
The standard string height for acoustic guitars is at the 12th fret.

Line 6 2.2mm ±0.2 (2.0~2.4)

Line 1 1.7mm ±0.2 (1.5~1.9)

Classic string: Hannabach 890MT 3/4

The standard string height for classical guitar is at the 12th fret.

Line 6 3.0mm ±0.2 (2.8~3.2)

Line 1 2.5mm ±0.2(2.3~2.7)

string height

What is the battery capacity and is the battery user replaceable?

-Built-in lithium-ion battery (capacity: 2600mAH, standard voltage: 11.1V-Max 12.6V). It can be fully charged in about 3 hours with the included dedicated charger (12.6V / 1.0A) and can be used continuously for more than 6 hours. In general, when using a guitar (when used for about 3 to 4 hours a day at an appropriate volume), can be continuously charged and used for about 2 to 3 years or more.

-Silent guitars that use earphones consume less voltage, so they use commercially available batteries. However, since Mogabee guitars not only have a silent function but can actually produce a louder sound than a guitar with an amplifier, regular commercial batteries cannot be used.

-Like a mobile phone battery, the charging performance of the battery may gradually deteriorate, and if it no longer charges when connected to the charger, it must be replaced. You can extend the life of the battery by maintaining the appropriate state of charge (20-80%) as much as possible. (It is recommended to avoid being completely discharged or continuously fully charged)

- You can charge it outdoors with the ‘portable battery charging gender’, which is an optional accessory sold by Mogabi, or you can continue charging it by connecting it. (DC-jack to C-type)

-To prevent excessive use by consumers, Mogaby Guitar guarantees a warranty period of 1 year and a battery warranty period of 6 months.

-Consumers can replace the battery themselves. If a battery-related problem occurs within 6 months of receiving the product, we will send you a new replacement kit, or if you are unable to replace it yourself, please call our head office and we will collect it and replace it. The selling price of the battery is 70,000 won.

-After 6 months, repairs are required at a cost.

*When not used like a regular guitar, loosen the strings and maintain low tension. It helps maintain the bending and preservation of the neck.

What is the maximum volume output?

The output of Mogabi's built-in Bluetooth speaker is 10W, and the SPC (Sound Pressure Level) is 79dB/W ‡ 2 dB.
It consists of two 40mm full-range speakers 5W and one 40 x 83mm passive radiator.

There may be many factors that affect the sound or quality of the speaker, but when you buy a speaker, you usually buy one with a few watts of energy output (w) as a measure of the sound volume. However, the rated output or speaker output (w) is one factor that determines the sound volume, but it is not an absolute factor, and in order to compare the actual sound volume of the speaker, you need to compare the maximum audio output value expressed as the Sound pressure level (SPL).

Normally, you might mistakenly think that when the speaker output increases from 10W to 100W, the sound becomes 10 times louder, but you can see that the actual size varies by about 10% in total decibels.

It can be said that the basic sensitivity level is important when determining the actual audio sound level.

When purchasing a speaker, the volume of sound that a person can hear is determined, there are noise issues depending on the speaker sound quality, and personal tastes in sound are different, so louder sound is not necessarily better, but there is a lot of interest in the loudness of the speaker, so I summarized it.

For reference, the following values represent the sound pressure decibel level.

Sound pressure decibel/dB SPL

0 Barely audible sound

10 Common breath sounds

20 The sound of whispering, the sound of leaves rustling

30 Quiet rural areas, late-night suburban noises, the sound of a wall clock, noises in a quiet library

30~60 Typical computer body noise

40 Quiet house living room, the sound of the refrigerator

40~60 normal human conversation sounds

50 Noise in a quiet office, general sound of rain, noise in a department store

50~60 The sound of a washing machine running

50~70 Air conditioner outdoor unit noise

60 Talking sound at a 1m distance

60~70 The sound of the washing machine spinning, the sound of the phone ringing

80~90 Noise of vacuum cleaner

The sound of fireworks accompanying the 90th birthday cake

100 The noise of a subway moving, the sound of hammering on a concrete wall or floor, and the sound of a chainsaw running.

100~120 Noise of electric drill drilling a hole in the wall

110 Car horn sound, dog barking noise

111k7 silenced submachine gun shooting noise

120 Starting to feel pain in the ears, loud music in a club, the sound of a pistol with a silencer being fired, the cries of cicadas, and the noise of an airplane taking off.

I connected it to my iPhone with a cable, but there was no response.

To determine whether it is an error, the user must first check a few things.

1. First, turn on your iPhone and go to the app called ‘File’.
(This app is a basic app and does not require individual installation.)
If the cable is connected, a file called 'No Name' will appear. If you go in and check the file, there is a recording file and you can move and share the file.

2. Another thing is that, unlike general smart devices, the iPhone does not have a type C connector, so you must use an iOS gender.
The iOS gender is included in the backpack package and is also sold separately.

3. Lastly, there is a cable issue. The cable is a product that breaks down frequently, so if there is a problem, try connecting again with a different cable.

After checking all of these points, if it still does not work, please send us a 1:1 chat inquiry via the head office's landline number or Mogabi's email and we will be happy to assist you.

I would like to know the terminal specifications of the charging adapter.

Charger adapter plug: external diameter 5.5 internal diameter 2.68mm

Audio box main body contact plug: outer diameter 2.26mm