So, shall we look through New Mogabi’s guitars coming soon?

So, shall we look through New Mogabi’s guitars coming soon?

Firstly, this is the Mogabi Travel Electric Guitar 200 version model.

Mogabi Travel Electric Guitar 200



So far, Mogabi has only been selling acoustic and classic models. Finally, the Mogabi electric guitar is released.


Mogabi’s signature!
It is naturally equipped with a hinge that rotates 180° to allow it to be folded, so it can be brought on board and is easy to carry.
Best out of all, it has a built-in speaker so you can make sound with just the guitar without an amplifier!
Usually, electric guitars make no sound without an amplifier, so you have to carry a separate amplifier, heavy, cumbersome, and has a lot of luggage... However, all you need is Mogabi!
You can take it anywhere and play it anytime!
Plus, it has its Recording and Bluetooth function, so no need to go to the studio, right?
Go on a picnic or camping trip and record all the inspiration that comes to you at that moment. Mogabi will make your music life more comfortable.






 Mogabi Travel guitar 300

 Are there any people who didn't like the speaker attached at the bottom sticking out like a tail? This time, the tailless, round-type Mogabi 300 versions will also be released
The 300 will be released in three series: Mogabi Travel guitar 300, Mogabi Expert guitar 300, and Mogabi Zest Guitar 300.

First, the Travel series has a neck length of 580 (mm), which is slightly shorter than a typical guitar, so it can be brought on board like the existing 200 model by folding it and storing it in a bag.


 Mogabi Zest Guitar 300

 On the other hand, the Expert series has a neck length of 648 (mm), which is longer than the Travel series, so it cannot be brought on board. However, unlike the 580, it has the same length as existing guitars, making it more comfortable and familiar when playing.

Zest series refers to 300 electric guitars. It is available in both sizes 580 and 648, and will be released in a total of 4 colors.

 and lastly...

Mogabi Guitar 300 model


Lastly, there is a special secret hidden in the Mogabi Guitar 300 model, and you can find that secret at the NAMM SHOW! Then, see you on January 25th at the Anaheim Convention Center, <Booth NO.3814>!!

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