Travel with Mogabi Guitar

Just Take Out & Play Out With Mogabi, Music will be Your Life!

Haven't you all imagined at least once a romantic trip where you can go anywhere you've ever wanted to go, play your favorite songs, and enjoy the moment?

And wouldn't you like to create your own wonderful song by recording the countless musical inspirations that come to mind in that romantic space?

Mogabi also dreamed of such a trip. So I made it myself. Mogabi’s travel guitar allows you to travel like this with just one guitar!

Actually, there are a lot of travel guitars. The reason why you should choose Mogabi among so many guitars!

Mogabi is not just for the purpose of travel. It was manufactured with the hope that players would be able to play well anytime, anywhere, making it superior to any other travel guitar.

If you are a singer-songwriter, YouTuber, or creator, try using a Mogabi guitar that allows self-recording. The idea is to record the inspiration that comes to you while looking at the beautiful scenery and create a great song at that moment.

In addition, it is equipped with a microphone preamplifier for recording vocals and ensembles with other instruments, has a built-in reverb function (self-adjustable), and even shares sound sources via Bluetooth! We put everything in one guitar so you don't have to worry about having to buy additional equipment.

Because it is so comfortable and smart, I can say with confidence that it is Mogabi.

And my guitar, which was so bulky that I couldn't even bring it with me. If I'm going to take a plane, I have to leave it as checked baggage, and the trunk of my car is already full of travel luggage, but there's no room to even put a guitar in it. It is very difficult to carry out the beautiful romantic trip you have dreamed of.

However, Mogabi is a foldable guitar, making it easier to carry than any other guitar. It allows you to go anywhere with your guitar.

Unlike other travel guitars that give up sound quality in order to reduce size, Mogabi did not compromise on portability or quality.

Because the essence of the guitar should not be lost, and carrying should not be prioritized over playing.

There is no other travel guitar like Mogabi. This is a guitar made solely by players, for players, with the players in mind.
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Practicality notwithstanding, it is simply beautiful! Artistically and musically speaking.
I would like to get hold on one.
Is it available in Australia?

Lakie Laksito

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