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Mogabi Guitar Preamp: Is it possible to adjust the volume or tone?


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Preferred volume and tone vary depending on the performer's taste and hearing environment.
You can adjust the tone to your preference by adjusting the bass, middle, and treble with a small driver.
To adjust the volume, simply adjust the volume input value of the preamplifier.
There may be slight differences depending on the condition of the wooden neck when the product is shipped, but it is usually shipped at 12 o'clock (-11 o'clock to +1 o'clock).
Adjust it by turning it little by little at least to the 10 o'clock direction (-) or 2 o'clock direction (+).
It is very sensitive, so adjust only slightly.
Adjust the main volume value between 10 and 13 to achieve optimal balance with the main volume.


Mogabi Guitar Preamp


The sound seems too small.

Extreme adjustments are not permitted. Sound quality may be broken or degraded. Since it is sensitive, adjust only slightly.

If the + value is adjusted too large, howling may occur due to resonance.

mogabi travel guitar 200 preamp


Noise and howling occur.

If the white noise is too severe, the input value is too high or the main volume is set to 15.

Please lower the volume to a level that does not bother your ears.

The vibration value of the 5th and 6th strings is large, so howling and resonance may occur.

Please lower the bass and preamp input volume slightly.


mogabi travel guitar pre amp

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