Precautions when adjusting the 200M line-in input volume

When not connecting a microphone or other instrument to the line-in, turn the line-in volume and EQ level counterclockwise to maintain level 0.

After connecting the external device line-in, turn it back up to adjust the volume balance.

If you connect an external device via line-in while maintaining high volume, a defect that can be fatal to the life of the speaker may occur.

preamp mogabi guitar

  • Guitar Mode

    When you turn the power on, guitar mode will appear automatically. Adjust the volume and reverb and play any music you want with your guitar. Press the Recording button to record your play with no external sounds interfering with your play.

  • Mix Mode

    With Mix mode, B/T Mode and Gtr Mode will operate together. Play the music from famous artists and jam with them! With Mogabi, you don't need a band. Become a member of famous bands by recording your play over any famous songs!

  • Multi Track Record Mode (REC Duet)

    Want to play duets with somebody else but your friends don't play guitar? Don't worry. You can record over the track that you've just recorded. Press the Rev. button and Select button simultaneously, and you will be able to play duets and quartets just by yourself.

  • Bluetooth Mode

    Use Bluetooth mode to connect the Mogabi guitar to your device. Share music files between the guitar and devices. Play any tracks you want to listen to from Mogabi's Bluetooth speaker.

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What is the difference between each guitar package?

The difference between the full package and mic p. a package is the number of accessories they provide. The full package provides 11 accessories adding 4 more (a leather strap, a strap lock, a clear head cap, and a portable battery charging adapter) to the mic p.a. package.
The basic package provides the same number of accessories as the mic p.a. package but the guitar body does not include the mic p.a function.

Is the wooden model fully made from wood?

For wooden models, the audio box is made with ABS, and its frames will be made from actual wood. (Bentwood walnut/metallic)

How can the Mogabi guitar produce its sounds without a resonating box?

Mogabi creates its sounds through a piezo pickup and Bluetooth speakers installed with the guitar's vibration frequencies. So, Mogabi would be able to produce tunes with more robust and more apparent howls.