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Mogabi Guitar 200 Basic Package WOOD

Mogabi Guitar 200 Basic Package WOOD

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Neck Optioin
Head Shape

***Shipment is being delayed due to the surge in sales. Please expect there can be 7 days of waiting time upon the order. **Prices do not include shipping and handling costs and do not include sales taxes where applicable.


  • Shipping available for 150 countries
  • Record your play anywhere with high-quality noise canceling function.
  • Built-in Bluetooth speaker
  • Multi-recording function
  • Foldable and portable: the BEST travel guitar
  • Silent guitar & reverb effect & sturdy restframes
  • Mogabi guitar is made-to-order.

*Please note that this basic package does not include the Mic Preamp Inst. But it is fully essential and versatile itself. 

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Please note! Mogabi guitars are made to order.

First of all, this product you are about to order doesn't include the 'mic preamp.' Therefore, it doesn't provide the unlimited compatibility with other electric instruments. Still, you will be able to enjoy Mogabi's essential innovations.

Second, Mogabi guitars are made-to-order to ensure a high level of guitarists' satisfaction. Mogabi executives deeply involve in the production process and scrutinize its quality before sending it out. Therefore, it takes time before your order arrives but, we make sure Mogabi guitars are worth the wait.

If you choose the air shipping option, it is expected to take 7 ~ 14 days to arrive.

For the sea freight option, limited to the USA and Canada, it is expected to take 50 days but can be delayed up to 90 days. For additional delays, we will email you the causes of the delay.


  • Size: 27.7*3.3*3.5" (703*84*88 mm) when Folded / 41.9*12.6*1.8" (1065*320*45 mm) when rest frame is attached
  • Weight: Approx. 5.95 lb (2.7kg)
  • Neck: Mahogany Field 22.8" (580 mm) piezo pickup
  • Guitar String: Acoustic: Mogabi Strings 012 guage Steel String, Classical: Mogabi Strings 3/4 Size Nylon String
  • Mainboard: High-performance MCU with DSP (Digital Signal Processor) 2 Audio Codec 32GB SD memory B/T (Near Field Communication) V4.0 Lithium-ion battery Digital control Volume/Switch (Encoder)*4 OLED Display
  • External Device Connection: Earphone Out ø3.5 Line Out ø3.5 Dedicated Jack for charging, C-Type data Jack (Mobile phone, PC Connection)
  • Included Accessories: Soft Bag, Charger+Plug, C to C Cable, 3.5 Line-in/out Plug, iOS OTG Adapter, Charging Port, Leather Strap, Strap-Lock, Guitar String, Hexagon Wrench
  • Application: Can be downloaded on Google Play & App Store

Mogabi guitars, exclusing the battery, are warranted for 12 months by original manufacturer.

Battery is warranted for 6 month following the standard battery warranty period.


Mogabi partners with UPS for air express shipping to ensure safe and fast delivery. For those who request, we also provide the 'Sea Freight Shipping' option which can take 2 more months to receive. *Due to the international freight situation, the sea freight option is only available for the USA and Canada.

Many say that Mogabi is the best sounding travel guitar.


For those who are dubious about Mogabi’s sound, please
listen and judge:

With Mogabi, you alone are a complete band.

Now, you no longer need a mic, amplifier, and a recording studio to record your tunes. With Mogabi, you can record your authentic guitar tunes without any noises interfering. All you need is just a touch of a button.

The internal 32GB memory allows you to save up to 300 high-quality songs. If you want to edit a piece of recorded music on the go, just attach the C-type cable and download it on a smart device or a computer to edit, copy, or share. Also, by using a mix mode, you can record your play while playing your previous recorded session as a background music.

Play duet, quartet just by yourself.

Even when you travel!

Camera background sound + Mogabi guitar recording:

Fully-folded size

It fits into most of the carry-on luggage size, but please check the airline regulations before traveling.

  • Multi Track Record Mode (REC Duet)

    Want to play duets with somebody else but your friends don't plya guitar? Don't worry. You can record over the track that you've just recorded. Press Rev. button and Select button simultaneously, you will be able to play duets and quatrets just by yourself.

  • Guitar Mode

    When you turn the power on, guitar mode will appear automatically. Adjust the volume and reverb and play any music you want with your guitar. Press Recording button to record your play with no external sounds interfering to your play.

  • Bluetooth Mode

    Use bluetooth mode to connect Mogabi guitar to your device. Share music files between the guitar and devices. Play any tracks you want to listen from Mogabi's bluetooth speaker.

  • Mix Mode

    With Mix mode, B/T Mode and Gtr Mode will operate together. Play the music from famous artists and jam with them! With Mogabi, you don't need a band. Become a member of famous bands by recording your play over any famous songs!

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